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The Dark Web isn’t something to take lightly, but you don’t need to panic about it, either. With careful and consistent monitoring and prevention methods, you can stop and mitigate any Dark Web threats.

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Darknet Intelligence Services

Darknet intelligence is as a critical factor for effective and thoroughly-executed security services.


Dark Web Surveillance searches the dark web and notifies you should your information be found.


Your clients will benefit from having visibility into potentially compromised information.


Our data helps paint the overall risk picture of any organisation or domain’s cyber risk.

Case Features

Case Features We Provide

Stay one Step Ahead of Cyber Threats,

Threat Intelligence
The dark web can be a valuable source of threat intelligence where analysts can learn about the ways that cyberattacks are performed.
Digital Identity Protection
Scans the web for unauthorised leaks of your personal data, monitoring if your accounts are exposed and making it easy to take action.
Fraud Protection
Take a proactive approach to making sure your risk of being exposed to Identity Fraud stays low. Identity Fraud is a fast growing crime
Critical Infrastructure
Cyber security concerns all sectors. However, critical infrastructures and services face a major challenge in terms of cyber security.
Risk Management
Black Cloud 67 enables efficient and quick scoring of enterprises and organisations of their exposure in the darknet.
Law Enforcement
We search and compile evidence about persons or subjects of interest, including usernames, aliases, chatroom activity and other incriminating information.

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