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BC67 (Risk Scoring)

Quantifiably Measure and Improve Dark Web Exposure

BC67 scoring is an add-on service to our  Dark Web (Entity) product. BC67 risk scoring allow organisations to measure and identify dark web exposure with precise calculations. BC67 scores are an aggregated measurement of an organisations exposure across the dark web using multiple variables such as IP address, domain address, emails address and others factors.

risk scoringWe are constantly working to improve our risk scoring by implementing AI Analysis to help determine which compromised credentials carry the highest risk.  The BC67 Risk Score is a single, easy to understand rating that reveals your company’s exposure to dark web risks.  The Risk Scoring System provides a means to characterise identified vulnerabilities and numerically score the potential severity.


BC67 Risk Scoring Features

BC67 scores comprehensively measure a company domain based purely on dark web intelligence.

Score performance over time helps correlate rising or falling risk, as changes in BC67 scores can reveal progress in hardened security, or conversely new breaches or data leaks.

Sources informing BC67 scores span multiple intelligence points, including I2P, TOR, dark web marketplaces, Open FTP, underground forums, Zeronet, Data Breaches, IRC, high-risk paste sites, and more.

GDPR Compliant
BC67 scores can be generated with privacy-compliant data points, and require only a company’s website and/or email domain to calculate.


We take your trust in us very seriously. BC67 practices industry standard security measures to ensure that all sensitive data is properly protected during storage and in transit. We are committed to detecting data breaches, not experiencing them.


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